Michael Stabile, since an early age, devoted himself to photography while feeling attracted by the possibility of preserving memories using pictures and digital threads. He attended in Milan, the prestigious Brera’s Academy of Fine Arts and later on he became an expert in “Fashion Advertising photography” aimed to communicate a specific identity targeted to many “Haute Couture” fashion houses.
His thoughts: “My Haute Couture photography comes from my strong attraction towards an ideal aesthetic perfection.
“My eyes reveal the images of my being, enclosing the awareness that everything depends on one point of view, either in photography or in life. I believe that mankind should be free, witnessing the enormous beauty of the world and acquiring a certainty that allows him to see and express his vision”.
According to Michael concept, Photography is not only a technique or a study, it represents a more complex concept. Photography turn out to be the result of his experiences, his culture, she is a unique and a non-reproducible vision.